“Target. Reroute all systems to power forward stomping thrusters.”

Welcome to Measure for Measure, a campaign set in the Star Wars universe during the New Republic era. As such, Jedi are quite rare, and only bits and pieces of the Empire exist, mostly in the Outer Rim. Though thoroughly detached from the greatness it once knew, the Imperial faction is still a threat. Some even believe the Empire is plotting even now, swelling its ranks where it can and biding its time for an eventual counterattack on the New Republic.

Dramatis personæ

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall…”

Played by Jeremy

Corin Trykin

Once an elite stormtrooper fighting for the Empire, before losing his family in the destruction of Alderaan. Now, realizing the farce of Imperial doctrine, seeks to bring true order to the galaxy.

Played by Michael


A Twi’lek who lost his beloved when an Imperial operation targetted the underground resistance force she belonged to. Now searches for his son, who joined the Rebellion. Feels connected to a mysterious force…

Played by Doug

Victor Saladin

Once part of a local militia, his job was stripped from him when the Empire occupied his home planet. Joined a resistance group and now finds himself squarely on the side of the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars: Measure for Measure

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