Twi'lek scout played by Michael.

Type Scout
Gender Male
Species Twi’lek
Age 38
Height 6’
Weight 180
Force Sensitive Yes
Speed 10
Force Points 2
Dark Side Points 0
Character Points 0
Credits 200
BlasTech DL-18, Blissex Blaster Scope, Personal Comlink.[[:heavy blaster 5d]],[[knife]]
Dexterity 3D+2
Blaster 4D+2
Dodge 4d+2
Knowledge 2D+2
Streetwise 3D+2
Planetary Systems Outerrim 3D+2
Mechanical 2D
starship gunnary lazorcannons 3d
Perception 4D
Search tracking 5d
Strength 3d
Climbing 3d+1
Technical 3D
Demolitions 4d

Physical Description

Blue with yellow headtails. Green eyes.


Had a child at 20. Wife died in an attack three years ago. Son currently missing. Met Corin Trykin about two years ago and is now his friend. Corin has some info on his son.Meet Victor while on a mission for the rebel alliance.Does not like him but knows that the mission is all important to him so trust him as far as that goes.Got a mission for new republic to invistigate food shortages.Found out that likely cause is either fangs or tallons 2 gangs on a planet. Dak Tarboa a new alliance soldier was added to the mission as a last minute addition to the team.


Withdrawn, but loyal to a fault with his friends. Likes to keep a low profile.Gets along with Corin.Thinks Victor is a good leader but resents the fact that he never lets him try to find any info on son but knows its for the best deep down.


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