Corin Trykin

Ex-Stormtrooper played by Jeremy.

Type Ex-Stormtrooper
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Height 6’1”
Weight 190
Speed 10
Force Points 1
Dark Side Points 0
Character Points 0
Credits 200
BlasTech DL-18, Blissex Blaster Scope, Personal Comlink, Syntherope x3, Glow Rod x8, Grappling Hook.
Dexterity 4D
Blaster 5D+1
Dodge 5D+1
Grenade 5D
Knowledge 3D
Law Enforcement 4D
Mechanical 3D
Sensors 4D
Perception 2D
Strength 3D
Stamina 4D
Technical 3D
First-Aid 4D+2

Physical Description

Has short, black hair and a full beard.


Born on Alderaan, Corin resigned to quit the Empire after Alderaan’s destruction and more importantly the loss of his family. After losing the rest of his squad on a mission gone wrong and being declared MIA, he seized the opportunity to make a new life for himself. Corin later joined the Rebellion as a way to get at the Sith and prevent anything like Alderaan from happening again. During a mission for the Rebellion, Corin met Rovty’an and after hearing his story recalled a wanted report for a supposed spy for the Rebel Alliance. After being caught the spy was found to be Zenkoo’an, Rovty’an’s son. Zenkoo’an later escaped and hadn’t been seen since. It is believed he fled to one of the many fringe planets. Corin now works for the New Republic as a fringe explorer with a team consisting of Rovty’an, Victor Saladin, and himself. Their official mission is to seek out and deal with remnant forces of the empire. However, he feels his true mission is to eliminate the Sith instead, and to find Rovty’an’s son, which he has taken up as a detective’s case.


Is an idealist who wishes to bring a lawful order to the galaxy. Feels the Empire itself brought such an order and that the Republic can not. Hates the sith and blames them for the death of his family and homeworld. He sees himself as an upholder of the law and frowns on any illegal action no matter the ends.

Connection with Characters

Clashes with Victor Saladin often over the galactic war and their mission objectives, however respects him as a fellow keeper of the peace. Mostly gets along with Rovty’an and feels for his loss.

Corin Trykin

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