Star Wars: Measure for Measure

Connection with characters

A Guys Do This production

I want you guys to come up with how your character is connected to the others. This can include backstory, impressions, attitudes, feelings—anything to help build a web of details.

Starter questions:

  • Link between Corin and Rovty’an’s missing son?
  • Attitudes toward working with an ex-stormtrooper?
  • First impressions? Have they changed?
  • Does your character clash or mesh with the other personalities?

Update your character before this week’s adventure if possible and reply here when you’ve got something.


So Victor probably doesn’t trust Corin as far as he can throw him and is likely to get into pissing contests with him. He’ll also probably be constantly derisive of him. Rovty’an is more of a oddity relationship-wise. I mean the only reason he’s working with the pair is that he was “assigned” to keep a close eye on both of them. His problem is Rovty’an doesn’t seem to have the military-ish boys club gusto thing going on, so it seems like he’s even more derisive of him, though he probably trusts him more. Victor also doesn’t want to any of Rovty’an’s misplaced affections lead him on a wild bantha chase for his son at a mission critical point so he isn’t fond of the idea of having him along.

Connection with characters

I updated my background and personality, let me know if I got anything wrong.

Connection with characters

Looks good so far, both of ya.

Connection with characters

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