Star Wars: Measure for Measure

Woo Woo Skill Train A-Comin' Thru

Have a look at the tentative revised skill list.

So what do you think? Dazzled by the streamlined pilot/repair skill list? Thought so.

They’re split roughly in three scales, personal (character-scale), vehicle (speeder and walker scales), and starship (starfighter and capital scales). This is way better, trust me. Also blaster is all guns and projectile weapons, except for missile, vehicle, and thrown weapons.

Connection with characters
A Guys Do This production

I want you guys to come up with how your character is connected to the others. This can include backstory, impressions, attitudes, feelings—anything to help build a web of details.

Starter questions:

  • Link between Corin and Rovty’an’s missing son?
  • Attitudes toward working with an ex-stormtrooper?
  • First impressions? Have they changed?
  • Does your character clash or mesh with the other personalities?

Update your character before this week’s adventure if possible and reply here when you’ve got something.

Starfall, Part 3

Party rode an AT-ST. Don’t wanna talk about it.

Starfall, Part 2

There was a Starfall part two.

Starfall, Part 1

We played through the first and second episodes of an epic adventure from the sourcebook Classic Adventures Vol. 5 called “Starfall.” The band of rebels, stranded on a damaged Star Destroyer are trying to help its designer, Walex Blissex, who has long since defected to the Alliance, speed the self-destruct sequence in order to prevent a surprise attack by the ship’s captain, Kolaff.


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